Volvo heavy loading shovels (L110, L120, L150, L180, L220)

With bucket capacities ranging from 9.5m3 to 16m3 these heavy loading shovels are the muckshifting muscle of the fleet. With operating weights from 20 tonnes to 32 tonnes, they have broad shoulders and carrying capacity to match.

Based on the proven G-Series wheel loaders, the L150H, L180H and L220H offer up to 15% greater fuel efficiency, while the L110H and L120H deliver up to 20%.  With Load Assist, a dynamic load weighing system to keeps track of the amount of material moved, the latest bucket leveling function allows the bucket to return to level from dump and curl positions automatically.

The L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180H High-Lift and L220H wheel loaders offer easy maintenance, the engine hood opens electronically and the tilting cab can be operated hydraulically