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Since our inception we have always had an interest in land and development and we have been lucky enough to work on some of the largest regeneration schemes in Wales. From this experience, we?ve naturally progressed into managing our own portfolio of residential, leisure, mixed use and renewable energy developments.

All of this growth stemmed from the experience we?ve gained in helping other developers appraise their own sites and get through the minefield of planning. Once on site, we deliver the civil engineering in house, working with major stakeholders and statutory bodies like Local Authorities, Natural Resources Wales, the Environment Agency and local community interest groups.

Our development arm is the part of our company where almost every aspect of the group comes together. Our strong financial standing and civil engineering expertise allows us to consider large high risk brownfield sites that others would pass on. We are experts at taking a site from a field, or former industrial site, right through to a new built environment, whether we hand the keys of a ready-to-build site to the developer ? or continue on and finish the development ourselves

Our renewable energy development division, Pennant Walters, was created to build on these strengths and push forward the sustainable use of the substantial (over 50,000 acres) land bank that Walters Group has amassed.

Whether working with primary developers or undertaking our own end to end projects, we are uniquely positioned to get involved with every phase of the construction process. By really understanding the stages of a development (and their place in the overall process), we can maintain momentum and minimise wasteful downtime. From the initial feasibility studies, through outline and business planning, before moving to land purchase and formal planning permission ? we have it covered. Unusually, we can also handle demolition, remediation, earthworks, infrastructure and preparatory groundworks with all the resources to do so already exist in-house.

As we?ve accrued a vast bank of experience and knowledge in dealing with remediation in particular, we?ve built up expertise in making previous ?brownfield? sites ready to sustain development and future healthy occupation. Former industrial, mining and even chemical sites have been successfully returned to productive use by employing a range of techniques including physical, thermal, biological and chemical treatment. We also try and maximise the recovery of on-site materials for re-use, crushing concrete rubble for hardcore etc. Over the years we?ve repeatedly proven that no project is too challenging, by meeting strict environmental and safety sign-off standards on every site we?ve handled.

Complimenting these credentials, we?ve also undertaken site works which include natural habitat protection, watercourse erosion protection and even creating wildlife ponds and wetlands. Utilising the same principles that we employ for remediation, we can manage and minimise erosion and maximise ground stabilisation employing both geosynthetic and biodegradable products.. Our ?green? credentials have even extended to the provision of new and improved habitat for fauna and flora alike.