Early Engagement
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Our in-house design team specialises in volumetric analysis and topographic modelling, ensuring we plan ahead to optimise the earthworks by balancing earthworks volumes, off-site disposal, on-site haulage and integrating them with the main design. On site, the professionalism continues, with fully qualified managers, experienced supervisors and skilled plant operators. Our experience and capability has led us to become the contractor of choice for most Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) schemes requiring large scale ‘muckshifting’. Through ECI, we get involved at the planning and design phase of a project to maximise efficiency by making sure the earthworks is integrated with the whole project design and ensuring all the statutory requirements are fulfilled.
In-house design and digital terrain modelling
Regionally we are engaged on multiple ECI frameworks for civil engineering works. This encompasses a broad range of infrastructure and flood prevention works as well as environmental and remediation projects.