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Gorrel are the premier provide of material re-handling equipment in the UK and the provider of over 110 items of equipment to material handling facilities across the UK. Our primary markets include aggregate production facilities, ports, recycling facilities and timber manufacturing centres.

Originally founded by Stig Torbjorn Gorrel in 1985, Walters acquired Gorrel from Hydrex in 2011 when it became part of Network Rail. Initially supplying and supporting a fleet of more than 150 machines to the aggregates, recycling and timber industries, it’s since become an integral part of our group structure. With existing interests in all the above industries, it was a natural fit, once more supporting our complimentary investment strategy, to spend where it can most benefit the group as a whole. We have since invested heavily in the renewal of the Gorrel fleet and the people that make Gorrel great with the aim of making Gorrel the largest plant rental company in the UK.

Specialising in Self-drive, long term material handling plant rental, Gorrel is all about providing high quality plant with maximum operational productivity through its dedicated support team of largely home-based technicians, for the best, most flexible response times. With tracked and liveried, fully equipped vans they’re on call 24/7 to respond to customer needs and deliver regular maintenance at their own places of work.

Gorrel has also given us a base to expand our operations into the South West of England, its Bristol headquarters having established an enviable reputation for excellence and support in the Plant Hire world. We’ve since acquired a substantial plot to expand the operations and form a new, improved base for group operations in the area, reflecting the success of our initial strategy.