Load & Hual
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Walters provide Load and Haul services on a contract basis to all of the major UK Aggregate Producers.

Managed by a dedicated contract team, we use the most modern plant and equipment (with the latest telemetry), to ensure optimum production standards are maintained, along with an optimised health, safety and environmental awareness culture. It’s one of the areas that significant efficiencies can be achieved in the fixed and variable costs to any aggregates or quarrying businesses.

From the start of a contract we will carry out regular appraisals where we address the following aspects:

Cycle time analysis
Payload optimization
Standing Time
Haul road condition and maintenance
Operator training and competence
Plant use and availability

Through the use of dynamic site modelling, we can optimise payloads according to the local conditions and topography. We’ll also provide advice on safe payloads, to minimise maintenance and waiting time, thus ensuring full plant utilisation and maximum efficiency.

We’ll advise on all aspects of the load and haul cycle based on our comprehensive knowledge of the process. With over 30 years of experience in efficient and profitable plant utilisation, we’re in the enviable position of knowing exactly where, when and how to make the incremental changes that will improve your operational productivity and profitability