A465 Bridge Demolition
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Work commenced on this extremely time sensitive demolition project on Friday evening (5th October 2018) at 9.00pm following closure of the section of the A465 between Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr. The Walters set-up crew worked throughout Friday night to place 200 timber mats over the A465 carriageway to ensure that no damage was caused to the road surface.

Our skilled demolition team then proceeded to demolish the 50m long bridge structure throughout Saturday. We utilised 12 items of heavy demolition plant and a range of specialist attachments – including hammers and concrete munchers – to reduce the concrete structure to the ground in a planned and controlled manner.

Our crews continued to work throughout Saturday night and Sunday to clear away over 2,000 tons of reinforced concrete and lift the road protection mats to prepare the road for re-opening. The concrete will now be processed by Walters for re-use in the works.

In total the Walters team committed over 1,000 man hours to ensure that the A465 re-opened in time for rush hour traffic.

Walters Contracts Director Jim Webb praised the skill and commitment of all those involved in the project: “Time critical jobs like this one are a challenge and credit for the success goes to all our staff involved in the project – head office, plant department and demolition crews. A fantastic team effort.”

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