Accident-Free for over 2.3 Million Man Hours
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The Directors of Walters UK Ltd are proud to announce that at the end of October 2011, the number of accident-free man-hours (worked since the last reportable accident) reached a total of 2,318,195 hours.

Nick Richards, Managing Director of Walters UK, congratulated the workforce commenting,

“This is an extremely impressive total and is due to the close adherence to procedure and exemplary working practice of both staff and operatives including those of our supply chain with whom we work closely.

The Directors recognise that their staff and employees take Safety and Safe Practice seriously and wish to congratulate the entire workforce on achieving this milestone. Long may this impressive total continue to rise. Congratulations!”

A major contributor to this outstanding achievement is the work currently being carried out at the new Pembroke Power Station for Alstom Power Limited, (pictured opposite), where Walters UK are undertaking a major contract to provide all infrastructure, landscaping and finishing works to the 2.1 megawatt power station.

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