Concrete Plinth Removal for Associated British Ports
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Walters are pleased to announce that they have been appointed Principal Contractor by Associated British Ports (ABP) for a £60,000 demolition project in Cardiff Docks. The works involve the removal of raised concrete slabs inside the “I Shed” building, in order to restore the warehouse floor back its original level.

Constructed only 5 years ago, the industrial process which the slabs supported is no longer required. The warehouse however remains fully operational, with plant and pedestrian management and segregation being key to ensuring the health and safety of all within the building

Slab removal Cardiff docks
Walters operatives erecting work area segregation screen inside ‘I’ Shed

All material arising from the slab breakout will be transported to a processing area by articulated dump trucks, where it will be crushed to a grading and validated for re-use on the Cardiff Dock site.

The works are due to commence late in October and last for a period of 4 weeks.

Power: MW
Operational Staus:
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