Full marks for Walters on final phase of landfill capping
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Walters have completed works on Phase 4 of the Lamby Way Landfill Capping project in Cardiff for the City of Cardiff Council receiving full marks for delivery from the client team.

We have been involved in the ongoing remediation of the huge landfill site at Lamby Way since the 1990’s. This latest section brings to an end a major landscaping and site capping effort.

We covered an area exceeding 130,000m2 with soils to a depth of 300mm, smoothing out the uneven surface prior to installing a geosynthetic capping membrane, then finished it off with a further layer of 800mm restoration soil to accept seeding and the reintroduction of flora to the site. The former waste tips were also prepared for ongoing gas capture from decaying substrate below the 3 layers of the cap.

The speed of nature”s own reclamation of the site was reflected in the lapwings and oystercatchers found nesting on the upper reaches. During the remediation process, we discovered and fenced off several nest sites, leaving those sections untroubled until the broods had hatched, fledged and flown.

On completion of the works, Craig Howell, Senior Leader / Project Manager for Cardiff Council gave our efforts the maximum score of 140 out of 140 on our client satisfaction questionnaire, commenting “my thanks to you and your team, for the professional approach to the works and your resolve and patience when faced with the issues we experienced on site.”

Well done to the operational team for another quality project delivered.

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