NRW chooses Walters Group for “critical” environmental experience
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Once again hard-won knowledge (gained over a myriad of civil engineering contracts) has placed Walters Group in the forefront of environmentally sensitive contracts in Wales.

Previously the group enjoyed long-term relationships with Environment Agency Wales, Forestry Commission Wales and the Countryside Council for Wales. Now the new, overarching body, created to be an umbrella organisation for all the other statutory regulators, have awarded Walters a coveted place on the NRW Civil Engineering Framework Agreement.

The framework, (initially conceived by NRW in 2015) which covers delivery of coastal and river defence schemes as part of their medium term funding plan, is expected to be worth between £35 and £70 million over four years. Awarded in the summer 2016, Walters have secured a place on two of the key delivery lots:

  • Complex Civil Engineering works South Wales and
  • Standard Civil Engineering works South East Wales.

Since the appointment Walters have already delivered their first project (awarded under the framework), successfully completing the demolition and remediation of the site of a former NRW office project in Rudry, (a small village located to the east of Caerphilly). A sensitive rural location immediately adjacent to the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway Walk.

Now we”ve commenced works on the Cilmery Gauging Station Refurbishment project (near Builth Wells). Situated on the Irfon River, a key feeder to the mighty River Wye, the project involves the installation of new flood defences and a vehicular access track to the gauging station (enabling the deployment of the NRW”s Archboat survey vessel). The works are particularly notable for the fact that they”re being undertaken within the River Wye / Afon Gwy Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Afon Irfon Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). In fact during the mini-bid process (held to allocate the works), NRW emphasised the added value delivered by demonstrating our ability to work in an environmentally considerate manner at all times.

Works started on site in early April and are due for completion in June.

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