Walters appointed by Cardiff County Council as Principle Contractor for City’s 20mph scheme
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Walters have been appointed by Cardiff County Council as Principle Contractor for the City”s 20mph scheme in the Grangetown and Adamstown areas of Cardiff. The aim is to provide benefits to the local community in terms of both road safety and air quality. It is also hoped that this will also encourage people to leave their cars at home and use more sustainable methods of transport.

Cardiff is in good company – 20mph limits are being embraced by other cities in the UK and abroad. The majority of the largest UK authorities have a 20mph policy including the City of London, Edinburgh and Belfast. Paris, Milan and Grenoble are other examples of European cities announcing 30kph (18mph) limits.

The primary objectives are to:

  • Reduce vehicle speed on roads within Grangetown and Adamstown areas
  • Lead to overall improvement in liveability of surrounding areas
  • Create a more consistent landscape of 20mph across the city in line with neighbouring areas
  • Reduce the need for physical traffic calming
  • To aid Cardiff County Council”s aim to improve air quality across the city

Walters are delivering the following scope of works, with local directly employed labour and specialist sub-contractors:

  • Road marking and painting of new 20mph roundels – 992 total number across both areas
  • Installation of new signage, including sign posts – 1050 total number across both areas
  • Removal of redundant signs and sign posts
  • Laying of SafeTrak surface dressing at various locations, creating speed restriction “Gateways”

Walters are engaged on an NEC4 Short Form, and the scheme is expected to be completed by June 2019. General feedback from members of the public whilst carrying out the works has been very positive and that the scheme is welcomed.

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