Walters Complete Pembrokeshire Waste Infrastructure Extension
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Walters have completed the construction of three new cells to increase the capacity of the Withyhedge Landfill site in Haverfordwest. The project, undertaken in partnership with Potters Waste Management, involved extracting suitable clay from within the site for engineering and lining the proposed landfill cells followed by the installation of a geosynthetic membrane and liner system. Leachate pipework and a gas collection system were also installed to allow the capture and subsequent re-use of the methane generated by the decomposing landfill materials. The works were undertaken in an active landfill environment including full compliance with permit conditions and working immediately adjacent to ongoing landfilling operations.

David Williams, Technical Manager for Potters commented: “This critical piece of infrastructure was seamlessly delivered by the Walters team and I was especially impressed with the way they lent their expertise to us to help us source suitable clay material for the construction. They also handled the impact of the Covid-19 crisis tremendously well, helping us to ensure that we retained spare waste capacity through this challenging period.” The success of the project has also been proven by the subsequent award by the client of a separate landfill cell construction project in Telford.

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