Walters Duo Receive Individual Safety Award
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Walters General Foreman Ieuan Roberts and operative Chris Mc Carthy each received a special Individual Safety Award for making safety personal by taking the time to intervene and prevent a member of the public from possibly coming to very serious harm.

The incident occurred recently on the M1 Junction 19 improvement scheme, a Walters major project which is being undertaken in partnership with main contractor, Skanska. The improvement scheme is at the intersection of the M1, the M6 and the A14 and is recognised as one of the busiest motorway junctions in the country.

On the day of the incident, Chris and Ieuan were going about their duties when they noticed a woman nervously standing on the barrier of the bridge over the M6 motorway. It became apparent that the woman intended to jump from the bridge onto the motorway and that she appeared to be in a very agitated state of mind.

Ieuan and Chris quickly picked up on this and instigated a dialogue to calmly persuade the woman that they were there to help and prevent her from harming herself. Continually engaging her in discussion they were instrumental in calming her down and were eventually able to persuade her to move away from the barrier whilst also keeping their distance.

After making sure she returned safely to her vehicle, Ieuan made contact with the local police to ensure that the lady received further assistance and appropriate help.

Chris and Ieuan are to be commended for their quick thinking in providing this humane action that probably saved this person from losing her life or at the very least suffering extremely serious injuries.

Pictured are Ieuan Roberts (centre) and Chris McCarthy receiving their awards from Duncan Thompson, Skanska”s Project Manager.

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