Walters have signed up to Swansea Council’s community benefits scheme ‘Beyond Bricks and Mortar’
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Walters have been awarded the Broadway Highways Improvement Project by Swansea Council. As part of this contract, Walters actively participates in the economic and social regeneration of the local area and also delivers specified targeted recruitment and training (TR&T) throughout the course of the project. Walters have also signed up to Swansea Council’s community benefits scheme ‘Beyond Bricks and Mortar’ (BB&M).

Swansea Council’s BB&M scheme is a community benefits initiative that aims to address barriers to entering the labour market and create opportunities for all Swansea’s citizens. TR&T within the Council provides a means of securing jobs and training opportunities for new entrant trainees, apprentices, and other trainees.

As part of the Broadway Highways Improvement Project, Walters have taken on Keiron Beddoe. Keiron showed real initiative and approached the site management team about any opportunities that might become available.

Keiron holds a valid CSCS card, proof that individuals working on construction sites hold the appropriate training and qualifications.

Walters Works Manager, Scott Bradley, was impressed with Kieron’s enthusiasm and was willing to provide Keiron with a month’s trial as part of the BB&M scheme. Scott said:

‘Walters are always happy to provide individuals with a chance, especially those who show initiative and eagerness. Keiron is keen to learn and can become a vital part of the team. We are looking forward to seeing him progress during the remainder of the project and beyond.’

Keiron, 21 and is a local citizen to the Broadway Highways Improvement project and lives in Town Hill, 5 minutes from the project. Keiron said:

“I am thankful for the opportunity Walters have given me. I am eager to learn from everybody around me. I already feel like I am part of the team. I want to progress and obtain construction qualifications and further my knowledge of the industry with the help of the Walters team.”

We are keen to assist Swansea Council with their ‘Beyond Bricks and Mortar’ scheme and continue a strong working relationship with future projects. We all wish Keiron well and look forward to supporting him with his development over the course of his career.

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