Walters help Cwmdar Primary School planting project
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When Walters heard from one of their employees that Cwmdar Primary School in Aberdare were looking for assistance with their school planting project we were delighted to help and we donated more than 3 ton of soil to aid the school project.

Nick Rolfe, Regional Director (Wales) said : “ Walters are always eager to engage with and to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and we also hope that it may encourage school children to consider joining the construction industry!”

Marie Evans Headteacher said “I wish to thank all of the Walters team for all of your support and the generosity in donating the soil to develop our school planters. The donation has meant that we could spend more on flowering plants and have now filled all planters on the yard area and the field. The children have also planted plants, bedding plants and even vegetables in one of our field planters.”

The children will now take responsibility for watering and maintaining these areas taking real pride in their school environment.

The Walters team are very much looking forward to returning to Cwmdar in the next few months to see how the planting and all the hard work by the children has progressed.

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