Walters JV secures long-term materials handling work with Tata
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Lloyd Walters Industrial Services (LWIS), a joint venture between Walters and Darlow Lloyd & Sons, recently won a highly coveted contract at the Tata Port Talbot Steelworks. Primarily covering materials handling and logistics, the production-critical work covers heavy end and mill operations at the site and has been widely hailed as a shining example of Welsh companies working together to deliver successful outcomes.

The multi-million pound contract covers everything from heavy end materials logistics, scrap movements from the mills for reprocessing and even ship hold cleaning at the on site deep water harbour.

The plant requirement is a significant commitment, requiring the services of some 90 individual vehicles, from Bobcats and excavators to dump trucks and loading shovels. This was a prime consideration as Walters prides itself on operating the largest directly owned plant fleet in the UK today.

Walters long and successful record of openness and collaboration with partner companies and clients was a significant factor in awarding the contract. Darlow Lloyd & Sons itself has a history of delivering major benefits to Tata, with waste recovery schemes, landfill management and mining related services all successfully delivered in the past.

Paul Nott, LWIS General Manager, commented: “LWIS is a proud new supply partner to Tata Steel. We had some tight deadlines for the takeover of the contract, but operations have settled and we”re now concentrating on a safety culture and our continuous improvement programme. LWIS has had a very good start with our operations in Port Talbot. This is down to the hard work and the efforts of all our employees. The owners and directors would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. We believe success will be driven through the correct culture of everyone looking to do more ” and do it better. We hope to work with others in the contractor/supplier community to drive further success, while ensuring safety is paramount”

Nathan Ace, Contracts Manager for Tata, echoed Paul”s emphasis on operational safety in such a high-risk environment: “Although a very busy time operationally, safety and the environment have been at the forefront of people minds. During the first month of the contract we took the opportunity to hold safety intervention days, which included all 180 employees. Going through local safety inductions, environmental awareness and driving safety awareness, to ensure all colleagues are up-to-speed with our processes.”

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