Walters partner with Danescourt Primary School as part of our community outreach.
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Since this summer, Walters UK has partnered with Danescourt Primary School on some exciting community projects as part of its community outreach while working at the Plasdwr development. Danescourt is one of the main primary schools neighbouring Plasdwr, with a lot of its pupils living in the development.

Walters worked to improve the current cycle track on the primary school’s fields. The cycle track is well-used by the school’s cycle club, and Walters’ work to re-surface it means that pupils can continue to enjoy this feature into the new academic year. It also includes a more technical ‘pump track’ feature for older children, encouraging the next generation to take up cycling and active travel and aligning with one of Plasdwr’s main pillars.

Plasdwr has been designed with active travel in mind. Walking and cycling will be the easiest ways to travel around the new development, followed by public transport. Supporting the improvements to the new cycle track aligns with Plasdwr’s vision and Cardiff Council’s modal shift ambitions to see 50% of all journeys made sustainably by 2050 by encouraging the pupils to use their bikes to get around and to keep healthy and active.

Walters has also visited the school since completing the cycle track to talk about the project and about careers within the STEM industries and their benefits.

At Plasdwr, Walters is currently working on the infrastructure improvements along Clos Parc Radur and Llantrisant Road, as well as the initial infrastructure work at the Gateway Linear Park, which will be the green gateway into Plasdwr. Next spring, when it’s complete, Walters will be inviting the same pupils to visit the Gateway Linear Park and see it for themselves.

Engaging with these pupils, along with other local schools, will inspire the next generation, with some of these currently living at Plasdwr, and others who may potentially become residents in the future. And, the children loved seeing the protective equipment on a real-life model and constructing their own towers in teams!

Big thanks to our colleagues, pictured below, who went along and spent time with Year 5 & 6 .

  • Harvey Jones – Walters UK Trainee Quantity Surveyor working across GLP and Jct 2-5 projects
  • Jim Newbold – Arup Graduate Engineer assisting with the design of Plasdwr related schemes and for fulfilling the NEC Supervisor Role onsite
  • Anthony Cabble – Walters UK Project Manager for all Infrastructure Works
  • Alex Gordon – Walters UK Sub Agent for the Gateway Linear Park
  • Shurpal Shrestha – Walters UK Graduate Engineer for Jct 2-5
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