Walters Senior Leadership Team
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2020 has been an extremely challenging year and the future brings an equally challenging economic climate.

With an eye on the future Walters have made some organisation changes to ensure senior leadership team can focus on continued growth post Covid-19. It will also make certain that Walters remains at the forefront across all sectors.

Huw Richards will become the Group Chief Operating Officer. As numerous UK wide multi million pound major projects come to fruition, Colin Chambers, Managing Director of Walters UK, will oversee their delivery with Peter Fowler becoming Major Projects Commercial Director with responsibility for all commercial and contractual matters.

We have also taken this opportunity to review our regional structure. Nick Rolfe and Jim Webb will assume Regional Director Roles in South Wales and the South West respectively. Jim will also continue to have responsibility for Demolition Contracts.

John Griffiths as Regional Commercial Director will continue to work closely with all fellow Directors and Martyn Llewellyn.

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