Walters step up the work rate to keep pace with Newport and Torfaen housing boom!
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Walters Group have recently been working on no less than five separate residential development projects in Newport and Torfaen. It”s another sign of the increasing demand for housing in the area, reflecting both continued regional regeneration and rapidly rising property costs in nearby Bristol. The projects (part of a wider South Wales wide boom in residential development) are all within easy reach of the M4 Corridor for the all-important commute.

Walters have over 25 years of experience in earthmoving, land remodelling and site remediation, key skills which are frequently in demand for regenerating former brownfield sites into modern, sustainable communities.

As reported recently in WalesOnline, Walters recently began turning the former Whiteheads Steelworks site into an environment suitable for a 500 home residential development, on behalf of the Tirion Group. The works involve clearing the site of remaining structures, undertaking remediation and earthworks of the 39 acre plot to make it ready for development.

Meanwhile, over in Llantarnam, Walters are undertaking site clearance, 278 works and primary infrastructure for the new Redrow Homes development known as “The Maltings”. Following initial trial works earlier this year, Walters reacted swiftly to the discovery of a misaligned utility service, by agreeing a full road closure with the local authority (under which we could safely undertake the 278 works).

Work has also been progressing on the first phase of the enormous 1,200 home Taylor Wimpey development, at the site of the former Llantarnam Comprehensive School, South Sebastopol in Cwmbran. Walters have once more been chosen for their preparation skills, making the site ready for development, clearing the area (including demolition of existing buildings), identifying and protecting live utility services, undertaking initial earthworks and installing the primary infrastructure.

At Jubilee Park in Rogerstone, Walters are also undertaking an additional phase of works, further increasing the capacity for housing development at this desirable location, adjacent as it is to the all- important M4 Corridor.

This example of working for the safety of the local community is typical of the local projects we”re more than happy to lend our skills to: In the aftermath of a devastating blaze at Cwmbrans “Football Factory” (a local centre for sports and leisure) back in February 2017, we were asked to undertake the immediate, emergency demolition of all structures on the site, which were badly fire damaged. We did this at very short notice, with full supervision of relevant statutory agencies and most of all with minimum fuss, noise, dust or any further local disruption. Proving once more our intent and ambition to work with and for the communities we”re building through development and land preparation.

With a liaison team specialising in working with developers to take greenfield or brownfield land and prepare it for construction, Walters are constantly growing their client base.

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