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Pennant Walters was created to push forward the sustainable use of the substantial 50,000 acre land bank that Walters has amassed within Wales since its inception. It's since become a cornerstone of the group, focusing on generating green power from wind, solar, hydro and biomass technologies. Over recent years it's become an increasing priority to reuse and repurpose our assets, to make the most of the natural resources at our disposal and of course to provide economic returns on our investment. We currently provide 112MW of clean electricity generation at 7 schemes across Wales, with further extensions, planning consents and new developments pending for another 11 sites at present.

With the UK and Welsh Assembly Governments committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy produced, we seized upon the opportunity to get involved.  We had the finance, land and Civil Engineering expertise to deliver economically viable solutions. In Wales, we have a target of generating 7 TWh (Tera Watt Hours) of the electricity we use via renewable energy by 2020. We brought to bear our vast experience, partnering with Local Authorities and other national statutory bodies, to establish new and innovative civil engineering projects to develop the sustainable energy market.

The seven fully operational sites in South Wales currently provide 112Mw of clean energy to the national grid from Wind and Solar power, sufficient to power some 50,000 homes. In fact at our first operational site, Maesgwyn, we've recently developed a secondary solar generation plant and have planning consent for a hydro scheme and a Biomass plant, utilising wood pellets from the extensive forestry plantation that covers the whole site. With an additional generating capacity of 164 MW when our upcoming developments Wales and South West England come on line, we're poised to more than double our output in the coming years.

Pennant Walters brings together our substantial experience in civil engineering to ensure the supporting infrastructure required for a major wind generation facility is delivered successfully. This usually incorporates new access and maintenance roads, drainage, land stabilisation and a lot of plant to accomplish this. All of these disciplines are encompassed within the expertise of Walters.

All of the sites we currently operate, have required substantial planning considerations and environmental scoping studies. Our ability to fulfil all the specified criteria while the land is under development, then satisfy extensive environmental considerations during the working lifecycle of such installations, speaks volumes about the care, consultation and consideration we deliver with all of our projects.

A brief overview of the Company can be found at where there are more detailed profiles of our various sites and planned installations, plus projections for future electricity output.