We provide an ever increasing range of equipment (currently exceeding 600 units), configured to suit all working conditions and applications providing the technical backup and practical support needed to operate it safely and profitably.

With a 24/7 service, we utilise our fleet in all of our own group operations, from reclamation and remediation to some of the biggest civil infrastructure projects in the UK. The reliability, support and constant re-investment in modern equipment has long served us well. Our clients also appreciate the flexibility and round the clock support we offer, ensuring productivity is never compromised.  There are fully fitted workshops and well equipped maintenance facilities at both Hirwaun and Avonmouth, providing ample backup for our mobile contract maintenance teams.

With economy, reliability and productivity at a premium, continuous investment underpins our company infrastructure. We constantly reinvest in our staff, with training and competence to the fore. Our fleet investment strategy, has led us to own and operate one of the most modern, varied fleets in the UK.

At a glance, we have a very impressive range of kit from major manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu and Volvo at our disposal. Constantly evolving as projects and contracts dictate, our fleet includes:

  • Hydraulic excavators in a range of 8 – 300 tonne capacities many with specialist attachments.
  • Articulated Dump Trucks with 25-50 tonne load capacity
  • Rigid Dump Trucks with 40 – 100 tonne load capacity
  • Dozers (16T to 50T)
  • Loading shovels (10T to 100T)
  • Self Propelled Compaction Equipment
  • Auxiliary Kit Fuel/water bowser, graders.

Further information on our plant fleet can be found here http://walters-group.co.uk/plant-fleet/

We also operate our own dedicated heavy haulage fleet, more than capable of transporting our plant to wherever it might be needed in the UK.

Long Term Self-drive Rental

We provide long term rental equipment to all industry sectors on a fixed monthly cost basis, including on-site resource evaluation from our experienced team. As every application and environment is different, the solution for each contract is fully bespoke. A great way to cap your costs for this essential part of your business, cutting out the capital expenditure on the balance sheet and transferring it to operating costs.

Operated Plant Hire

We have a team of over 350 directly employed, long-serving operatives, fully conversant with all aspects of site operations. Skilled over and above industry benchmarks, they are qualified to exceptionally high standards on a variety of machines. In line with HSE guidelines, we undertake comprehensive operator health surveillance, a vital part of our responsibility for operator safety, wellbeing and the safe operation of our plant.  We operate an extensive in-house training department. Ensuring all of our staff are up to date with the latest Health and Safety requirements and of course are fully trained and qualified on the latest, most up-to-date plant on the fleet.

Fleet Tracking / Technology

Our comprehensive fleet is monitored using a variety of technology packages, providing us with the ability to observe the various aspects of machine operation in real time.  This includes details such as operating hours and production values, as well as diagnosis and reporting of any mechanical or electrical faults, all of which enables our business support team to provide the site operation with up-to-date information on all aspects of machine performance.

Gorrel Equipment Solutions

Gorrel are the premier provide of material re-handling equipment in the UK and the provider of over 110 items of equipment to material handling facilities across the UK. Our primary markets include aggregate production facilities, ports, recycling facilities and timber manufacturing centres.

Originally founded by Stig Torbjorn Gorrel in 1985, Walters acquired Gorrel from Hydrex in 2011 when it became part of Network Rail. Initially supplying and supporting a fleet of more than 150 machines to the aggregates, recycling and timber industries, it’s since become an integral part of our group structure. With existing interests in all the above industries, it was a natural fit, once more supporting our complimentary investment strategy, to spend where it can most benefit the group as a whole. We have since invested heavily in the renewal of the Gorrel fleet and the people that make Gorrel great with the aim of making Gorrel the largest plant rental company in the UK.

Specialising in Self-drive, long term material handling plant rental, Gorrel is all about providing high quality plant with maximum operational productivity through its dedicated support team of largely home-based technicians, for the best, most flexible response times. With tracked and liveried, fully equipped vans they’re on call 24/7 to respond to customer needs and deliver regular maintenance at their own places of work.

Gorrel has also given us a base to expand our operations into the South West of England, its Bristol headquarters having established an enviable reputation for excellence and support in the Plant Hire world. We’ve since acquired a substantial plot to expand the operations and form a new, improved base for group operations in the area, reflecting the success of our initial strategy.

For any plant rental enquiry, please take a look at our website https://gorrel.co.uk/

or contact either:

Nigel Chilcott, General Manager – 07836 248666 | nigel.chilcott@gorrel.co.uk.


UK North: Rob Johnson, Regional Manager North – 07881 813232 | rob.johnson@gorrel.co.uk

UK South: Jason Fishlock, Territory Manager South – 07876 860675 | jason.fishlock@gorrel.co.uk

Wales: Mike Gay, Territory Manager Wales  –  07917 596723 | mike.gay@gorrel.co.uk

Also follow us on twitter @gorrel

Walters provide Load and Haul services on a contract basis to all of the major UK Aggregate Producers.

Managed by a dedicated contract team, we use the most modern plant and equipment (with the latest telemetry), to ensure optimum production standards are maintained, along with an optimised health, safety and environmental awareness culture. It’s one of the areas that significant efficiencies can be achieved in the fixed and variable costs to any aggregates or quarrying businesses.

From the start of a contract we will carry out regular appraisals where we address the following aspects:

  • Cycle time analysis
  • Payload optimization
  • Standing Time
  • Haul road condition and maintenance
  • Operator training and competence
  • Plant use and availability

Through the use of dynamic site modelling, we can optimise payloads according to the local conditions and topography. We’ll also provide advice on safe payloads, to minimise maintenance and waiting time, thus ensuring full plant utilisation and maximum efficiency.

We’ll advise on all aspects of the load and haul cycle based on our comprehensive knowledge of the process. With over 30 years of experience in efficient and profitable plant utilisation, we’re in the enviable position of knowing exactly where, when and how to make the incremental changes that will improve your operational productivity and profitability

As a direct result of our constant reinvestment policy, we regularly replenish our extensive fleet, leading to high quality, well maintained plant becoming available for sale. With one of the most extensive fleets in the UK, we’re able to supply equipment for the mining, quarrying and construction sectors.

In addition, our highly experienced team have a vast amount of experience in the sectors which the plant is likely to be employed and can advise on the best applications, most appropriate kit and likely in-use productivity a buyer can expect.

With in-house support from our highly trained service engineers, we can be sure that the equipment released for sale has been maintained to the highest standards. We can also offer ongoing maintenance support with mobile technicians, service engineers and a specialist tyre sales/fitting service, we can even take care of delivery with our heavy haulage division.

As well as offering on-site technical support, any more complex issues can be dealt with by our fully equipped workshops, staffed by well-trained engineers, capable of any maintenance or remedial mechanical work that could be imagined. Again, we can offer a full collection and delivery service to make the end-to-end service seamless.

With a vast range of plant to choose from including bulldozers, excavators loading shovels, dump trucks, graders and other heavy-duty equipment too numerous to mention, it’s always worth firing us an enquiry. If what you require isn’t immediately obtainable, we can advise on alternatives or likely future availability.

Walters offer the complete support service encompassing fixed and mobile maintenance, tyre fitting and sales, telematics, transport and plant management. Through our design division we can also advise on the best plant matching, applications and likely productivity, considering site modelling, topography, haul roads, average load and loading times.

With fully equipped workshops and a dedicated team of mobile technicians, we can solve most technical support issues on-site. If further action is required we have a complete heavy haulage fleet at our disposal to effect a return to workshop service.

One of the most important aspects of our service is the timely and safe delivery of our impressive fleet to the site where it will be put to work. Early on we decided the best way to ensure this happened on every contract was to handle the logistics ourselves. By controlling all aspects of arrival and application, we can accurately manage and asses for best practice the plant we have in use at each site.

We utilise a specialist fleet of heavy haulage vehicles, decked out in our own livery, with a support team including trained escort drivers in dedicated vehicles. We can also offer traffic management support and liaison with appropriate statutory bodies, such as Police and highway authorities, avoiding unnecessary disruption wherever possible.

Since 2014 we’ve had FORS Bronze accreditation. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations, helping us measure and monitor our operations and offer demonstrably best practice to our customers.   We are currently working to upgrade to Silver in 2018.

Most of our fleet is equipped with telematics or GPS tracking, ensuring we can report on and advise best practise for its use and see potential issues before they become a problem. Further enhancing this capability, our in-house design team specialises in volumetric analysis and the design of alternative solutions seeking to minimise earthworks, off-site disposal, on-site hauls and therefore client costs. We can also offer on-site support for our plant with directly employed highly experienced managers, supervisors and drivers.

In addition we try to ensure the plant we supply is always operating at peak efficiency by offering the following design and management services.

  • Highways design, using the latest software and modelling
  • Earthworks design and modelling
  • Route modelling
  • Topographical surveys
  • Building Information modelling

Walters are all about putting plant to best use through better planning, efficient modelling and the ongoing management of plant, people and projects.