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Walters offer the complete support service encompassing fixed and mobile maintenance, tyre fitting and sales, telematics, transport and plant management. Through our design division we can also advise on the best plant matching, applications and likely productivity, considering site modelling, topography, haul roads, average load and loading times.

With fully equipped workshops and a dedicated team of mobile technicians, we can solve most technical support issues on-site. If further action is required we have a complete heavy haulage fleet at our disposal to effect a return to workshop service.

One of the most important aspects of our service is the timely and safe delivery of our impressive fleet to the site where it will be put to work. Early on we decided the best way to ensure this happened on every contract was to handle the logistics ourselves. By controlling all aspects of arrival and application, we can accurately manage and asses for best practice the plant we have in use at each site.

We utilise a specialist fleet of heavy haulage vehicles, decked out in our own livery, with a support team including trained escort drivers in dedicated vehicles. We can also offer traffic management support and liaison with appropriate statutory bodies, such as Police and highway authorities, avoiding unnecessary disruption wherever possible.

Since 2014 we’ve had FORS Bronze accreditation. The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations, helping us measure and monitor our operations and offer demonstrably best practice to our customers.   We are currently working to upgrade to Silver in 2018.

Most of our fleet is equipped with telematics or GPS tracking, ensuring we can report on and advise best practise for its use and see potential issues before they become a problem. Further enhancing this capability, our in-house design team specialises in volumetric analysis and the design of alternative solutions seeking to minimise earthworks, off-site disposal, on-site hauls and therefore client costs. We can also offer on-site support for our plant with directly employed highly experienced managers, supervisors and drivers.

In addition we try to ensure the plant we supply is always operating at peak efficiency by offering the following design and management services.

Highways design, using the latest software and modelling
Earthworks design and modelling
Route modelling
Topographical surveys
Building Information modelling

Walters are all about putting plant to best use through better planning, efficient modelling and the ongoing management of plant, people and projects.