the walters way
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Since our inception 35 years ago, our family business, experience and knowledge have grown dramatically, but one thing has remained constant; The Walters Way:
1) Putting People and Plant to Work Safely
2) Working Together with Respect
3) Plan Right and Deliver First Time

The Walters Way combines: our PRACTICALITY, our considered approach to all projects that ensures we plan correctly and deliver first time; our PRIDE, for our heritage, family and community that we’ve built and continue to build; our DEDICATION, how we go out of our way to exceed expectations; and our AUTHENTICITY, we’re genuine people with real lives and stories and we love what we do.

The most important aspect of The Walters Way is ensuring the safety of our staff, our clients and the other people affected by our work. This culture is enshrined in our company maxim “delivery beyond compliance” that challenges our employees to aim above and beyond expectations in everything they do.  This mantra also helps us to operate as a sustainable and forward thinking business that strives to deliver quality and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.